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Building A Social Media Presence For Your Brand

Thousands of people are scrolling through their social media feeds every day, looking and engaging with content creators and brands. In this digital age, It’s more important than ever to be actively online, reaching your target audience. Creating an engaging social media presence and generating clicks is not as challenging as you think and will do wonders for your brand.

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Social media is constantly evolving. Our goal in this blog is to educate the importance of social media and the role it plays in digital marketing, as well as strategies for building an impressive social media presence.

Social Media Is Crucial For Your Brand

Maintaining an active social media presence allows customers to access your brand and get information easily. Creating frequent and engaging social posts is a way to build customer trust, which is key to customer retention. Being an industry expert for your product or service helps you claim authority.

Boost Brand Awareness

Think of social media as digital marketing's trusty side-kick. You don't want to rely on social media for increasing revenue; social media combined with your digital marketing efforts is a fantastic way to grow brand awareness. A tip for creating social posts is to lead the customer to your site!

Create Content That Encourages Engagement

Customers are more discerning about which businesses they will support in the digital age. Often, customers search for a particular brand/business on social media before doing business with them. If your social media channels aren’t active, relevant, or up to date, your business may get passed over on social.

Give customers the content they can engage with through memes, infographics, live streams, events, or personable content.

Show Authenticity

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Lead with the heart. Followers want to see real people behind the account. People are not interested in following corporate accounts that post dry, stale content. When creating social posts, let customers know who you are and your values. Customers who relate to your brand are more willing to support your business, product, or service.

Educate and Inspire Clicks

Social media is constantly evolving to stay current and meet consumer needs. The rapidly changing environment can scare away business owners from adopting social media. If your business needs help starting a social media campaign, GROW Marketing Agency can help!

We know just how important growth is to all businesses. We love working with brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses to create a social media strategy to increase brand awareness and reach and make you stand out from the crowd online.


About the Author:

Katheryn Hunt - CEO of GROW - St. Louis Marketing Agency
Katheryn Hunt, CEO GROW

Katheryn Hunt is a sales-‘growing’ enthusiast. As the CEO of GROW, she partners with small to medium businesses in the United States to develop and deploy sales and marketing strategies that generate revenue. Katheryn has a diverse business-building background; and has surrounded herself with an elite marketing team who specialize in “Growing” business start-ups, healthcare and long-term care companies, capital equipment manufacturers, retailers, and service-based industries; through value-based selling and compelling marketing stories.


GROW Marketing Agency is a St. Louis-based Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in Website, Digital Marketing, & Business growth solutions. We help companies increase their revenue by creating the pathways that lead customers to the heart of their business. Individually tailored and guaranteed to deliver results, our growth strategies save clients time and money while increasing their market share.


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