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Expand + Grow


10-hours of Marketing Services

Every month

Save $150 each month with this package!

Expand + Grow Plus


15-hours of Web & Marketing Services

Every month

Save $225 each month with this package!

Expand + Grow PRO


20-hours of Web & Marketing Services

Every month

Save $300 each month with this package!



30-hours of Web & Marketing Services

Every month

Save $450 each month with this package!

GROWth Maximum


40-hours of Web & Marketing Services

Every month

Save $800 each month with this package!

Custom Plan


50-hours of Web & Marketing Services

Every month

Save a minimum of $1,000 each month with this package!

Marketing Plan Terms & Conditions

Plan Activation

You are prepaying for marketing services. Typically, services begin on the first calendar month following your auto-draft. For example, if your payment is drafted on June 25th, you are paying for the services from July 1st to July 30th. All plan payments are due by the 25th of the month unless other arrangements are made. If you cancel your plan or make no payment, GROW will not perform any services for the upcoming calendar month unless other arrangements are made. We gladly accept ACH (preferred) or credit card (2% processing fee) payments for all marketing plans.

Contract Terms

We recommend a commitment of 1-year of services to allow our systems and GROWth strategy to become optimized for your business. We are committed to always proving the value. With this plan, you can adjust your plan level or cancel it anytime after the first 90 days. Requests to update your plan must be made before the 15th of the month, and we will make any adjustments as necessary for the upcoming month. Requests made after the 15th of the month will go into effect the following month. 


We clock in for all services including account management, communication, and strategy work and deduct these time entries from your prepaid plan hours. We will provide you with a detailed statement by the 5th of the month. The statement will have itemized line items of marketing services performed in your business over the past month, your discounted rate, and marketing plan prepayment.

Each line item you see makes up a bigger picture. We do not use the comments section in our time tracker to list everything we do. For example, our standard operating procedure for marketing onboarding includes 36 procedures and to-dos, Facebook optimization includes 22 procedures, etc. We communicate full details in a monthly recap and during our strategy meetings.

Overages / Unused Hours

Please know that we always try to stick to your planned hours. Nevertheless, we have found that almost 100% of the time, we will either be slightly higher or lower each month. In almost all cases, we can self-adjust our hours the following month(s), removing the necessity of sporadic billing or surprise bills. Unused Hours: All plans include guaranteed rollover, which means that if your hours are not used, they can and will be applied to future services. Customers must use all unused hours after a plan change within 60 days, or they will be forfeited. Overages: We base our monthly deliverables on the average time it takes us to complete these steps. Overages can occur when additional services are added, significant change requests are made, unplanned updates, etc. (Anticipated overages must be paid prior services rendered, unless prior approval is attained). We prioritize transparency and will not surprise you with bills. However, If hours expended exceed 20% of your plan, we will invoice and automatically charge your preferred payment method with a net 10 payment term for all overages surpassing 20% of the plan each month. All overages not pre-approved will be billed at our standard hourly rate of $95 per hour. Save money by choosing the plan that matches the hours needed to get the discounted rate.


Working together will produce the greatest results for your business. Your participation is necessary. Here are a few touchpoints where we need your collaboration.

  1. Plan to participate in a monthly recurring strategy meeting to help us plan and prepare for the upcoming month. This allows us all to be proactive instead of reactive.

  2. Feedback is a gift to us, and we learn from it. Especially early on, we will learn your voice and the technical details of your business. If we can modify or improve anything, let us know!

  3. Effective marketing requires fresh content, photos, and video clips showcasing what you do and your team in action. We will work with you on gathering content. Sometimes, you will be asked to take pictures and video clips, sending them to your GROW account manager for implementation.

  4. Make it a goal to like, share, and comment as yourself on all social media posts. Customers LOVE to engage with owners in the comment section. Plus, when you do this, more people will be able to view the posts outside of those currently connected to your business. If your schedule does not permit your participation, GROW can provide ghostwriting / impersonation services on your behalf.

Each plan includes one recurring 15-min monthly strategy meeting that will be instrumental in deciding where we allocate your resources. Using our tailored strategy as the roadmap, the marketing services we perform could consist of these items:

  • Curate regular branded posts on all social media channels. Posts will be optimized per platform, professionally branded, and created to drive new outreach opportunities to your business.

  • OPTIMIZE social media accounts. Regularly refresh cover photos, maximize hashtag use, perform outreach, and create a winning social media strategy. 

  • Impersonation of you, key stakeholders at your business, and your company on social media to help build audiences and fortify engagement.

  • Google My Business optimization and management.

  • Ghostwrite and create new content for blogging and nurturing programs. 

  • Targeted ads setup and management 

  • *Additional fees apply to the actual cost of the ad.

  • Email marketing outreach

  • Graphic Design 

  • Prospecting and contact building

  • Photography & Videography

  • Marketing Coaching

  • Reviews management + public relations

  • Events / Tradeshows 

  • Logo Design

  • Organize value-based educational initiatives: ZOOM meetings, seminars, etc. 

  • Website maintenance, SEO Optimization, and website updates.

  • And more!

Monthly GROWth Marketing Plans

mkt plans
Maketing Terms
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Growth Plans Designed With Outreach in Mind

Consistency matters when it comes to growing sales. Monthly plans are designed to give you peace of mind that your business is always in growth mode.

Our Website and Marketing plans are a way to get consistent marketing services by GROW at a discounted rate. Each month you prepay for a block of discounted hours at a reduced price. Pick a plan that is right for your budget and sit back because our team is ready to help you take your business to the next level. Each plan coincides with a certain number of hours we dedicate to GROWing your business each month. Each month we create a strategy for new GROWth. Marketing plans are paid via recurring billing and can be used on all marketing services and website maintenance.

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GROWth Maximum


Our lowest marketing rate reserved for plans 40+ hrs./month

  • Ongoing hourly rate: $75/hour

  • Minimum savings of $800 each month!

  • ACH payment required

  • Adjustable billing is available!

Designed To Boost Your Business

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