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Email Marketing that Drives Sales and Revenue


From email strategy and templating to campaign deployment and tracking metrics, we can provide a comprehensive email program or the specific amount of guidance and email services you need to fuel your sales on an incredibly affordable budget! 

Many small to medium businesses simply don’t have the time, resources, or staff expertise to manage a successful email marketing strategy. With GROW’s robust email marketing services, you get a team of email experts without the expense of hiring or training someone in-house.

Bottom line, GROW will help you prioritize your email marketing strategies to create a lucrative email marketing ROI you never imagined.


We’d love to learn more about your email marketing needs.

GROW is not only a premier digital marketing partner; we’re a full-service email marketing agency focused on creating email strategies, templates, campaigns, and automations that convert your email list members to brand loyalists and buyers.


Our Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Audit

We will analyze your current lists, platform, templates, content, and historical campaign data to help you prioritize your opportunities for improvement. From this audit you will receive actionable tasks and advice you can begin implementing immediately.

Our team has experience with a multitude of CRMs and email management tools.

  • WIX

  • HubSpot

  • Salesforce (Pardot) 

  • Mailchimp

  • Constant Contact

  • And many more. 

Whether you already have a preferred email marketing platform or want our assistance to make the best selection, we can help you understand what your email platform can do, and give you expert advice to help set the expectations for the ROI of your overall email strategy.

Your email list can make or destroy your entire email marketing strategy. Many companies don’t quite grasp the magnitude of the CAN SPAM Act. They think because they have a list of email addresses in their possession, or because they purchased a list of email addresses, they can simply start sending emails to it. This could not be farther from the truth. 

The repercussions of that strategy can be detrimental to your entire business. Extensive fines (to the tune of TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars per email – for the company and the person who pressed send), blacklisted domains, and angry customers are just a few of the potential side effects of a “produce and pray” email strategy.

GROW can help you turn your email list (and messaging) into an opted-in CAN SPAM compliant email manifest of brand loyal buyers.   

Email List Analysis

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great email template is worth a thousand clicks. 

Email design can be a tricky skill to master. You have to balance beautiful, click inspiring design with what email service providers are able to display properly – and it has to function appropriately on desktops and mobile phones. 

GROW can create email templates in your specific email platform of choice that will display beautifully in most any recipients email window. Our templates are created in a way that is scalable and repeatable for your team to use over and over again by simply copying the template and changing the placeholder content. 

Email Templating

Few things are more important in an email campaign than your message. From catchy subject lines that inspire the open, to engaging content that urges a click and creative calls to action that create the “I gotta have that moment,” without the perfect prose your email will likely end up in the abyss of the overcrowded inbox. 

At GROW we pride ourselves on our ability to write compelling copy that inspires clicks and buying actions. Our email content will help you increase your opens, forwards, and click-through rates. 

Email Copywriting

Email Newsletters - Meet Email Blasts

The only thing worse than a bad salesman regurgitating their highly practiced spiel all about them – is a poorly composed, highly over-done, over-rated, monthly or quarterly company newsletter. 

You’ve received hundreds if not thousands of them. You’ve deleted most of them before you even opened them. But yours will be different. You have so many exciting things to tell them. People will care about yours. Or will they? Your past results probably tell you the answer. 

GROW can help you develop a weekly, monthly, or quarterly email blast campaign to trounce the newsletters of the past. The key is recipient focused content. To truly be successful it may require you to segment your audience. 

Depending on the email platform you use, we will implement dynamic data and merge tags to personalize your email for each recipient. We will also help you determine the best cadence to send communications, and the most alluring way to present your content.

We can help you turn your most engaged email recipients into revenue generating buyers automagically! 

Email nurturing campaigns and automation are the key to GROWing your client relationships. We can help you develop ways to segregate your audience into levels of interest; and depending on your CRM or email platform we can automate specific communications to speak to them at integral moments in the buying cycle. 

Email Deployment

Once your click inspiring design and client focused content is developed, we help you get it scheduled for deployment. We can use your historical data, and our own email sending expertise to determine the perfectly scheduled time for your audience. More importantly we will help you ensure your email makes it through firewalls and stays on the whitelist.

Email Nurturing Campaigns & Email Automation

  • Warming Program – a series of emails sent to your newest email recipients helping them learn more about your products and services

  • Welcome Program – a series of emails for your newest clients

  • Website Activity Trigger Program – emails sent based on website activity (these campaigns require extensive CRM integration and tracking)

  • Cart Abandonment Program – emails sent reminding users of what they put in their cart (these campaigns require specific web buying platforms and CRM integration)

  • Win-back Program – a series of emails for clients you didn’t win

  • Birthday, Anniversary, Specific Event Programs – a simple note on important occasions 

  • Upselling Programs – once clients have purchased from you, we can help you identify them and make them aware of complimentary products and services

When it comes to email nurturing and automation we can offer as much or as little help as you need. From simply developing your content to implementing the actual automations.

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