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What is a

24-Hour Website?

A 24-Hour Website by GROW is your new marketing superpower.

It’s a fully functional, gorgeously and responsively designed, mobile and search engine optimized lead machine, designed to elevate your company and expand your reach. It’s a single page designed to look and perform like a multi-page expansive site. It’s a web masterpiece fully developed and functional in 24 Hours. 

In fact, this site you’re on right now is a 24-Hour Website from GROW.

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Who needs a

GROW’s 24-Hour Website plan was created just for you.

A 24-Hour Website is perfect for serial entrepreneurs, new businesses just starting out, small businesses, older businesses with an outdated web presence and a small budget to fix it, business spin-offs, events, communities, and basically anyone who wants to be found on the web and impress customers in short order.

24-Hour Website?

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Why do you need a 24-Hour Website?

Simply put, a great website will make or break your company.

Your customers expect your company to be online. Google receives over 60,000 searches per SECOND. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If you’re not on the web, there’s almost zero chance your customers will find you if they don’t know you, and there is a 100% chance they’ll find an alternative – likely your competition. 

Additionally, a great website is like having a knowledgeable salesperson available to answer questions 24/7. You can’t “hire” that type of help! 

Finally, a website is the single most cost-effective marketing investment you can make.

Any ad you run is temporary – it’s there for your contracted amount of time. Any literature you create is limited. You have it until you use it all – then you have to pay to print more. A website is there. 24/7. Forever. And a 24-Hour Website from GROW is easy to maintain and update far into the future.

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How does a 24-Hour Website work?

It’s so incredibly easy.

You answer some questions.

You make some choices.

We deliver your new favorite website in 24 Hours.





What is included in a 24-Hour Website?

  • Your New Custom Domain

  • A Gorgeous Branded Design

  • Stunning Imagery

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Content Magic

  • SEO Lite

  • Lead Collection Tool

  • Social Connection to Existing Accounts

  • 1 Round of Copy Edits Prior to Design

  • 1 Round of Site Edits After Design

  • Easy Future Maintenance – No Coding Required


How Much Does a 24-Hour Website from GROW cost?

Think of the investment like an employee. You’re paying the website to work 24 hours a day. Which means, if you average the cost per hour for a year – you’ve paid 17 CENTS per hour for your website to be ready to answer your customer’s questions and to report leads to you. If you use it for 2 years, that’s 9 CENTS per hour. Three years about 6 CENTS per hour. You get it. The longer you have it and maintain it, the cheaper it becomes and the harder it works! 

Domain and hosting is not paid to GROW, but it can be secured by GROW on your behalf.  (Domain and hosting is usually under $200 per year).

Yes, really. That’s it. No hidden costs.

You NEED a website.

$1500. Plus your domain and host

Google Business Listing Services by GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, Missouri

What else can you get with your 24-Hour Website?

Add-on a Google My Business Listing – or Listing Optimization. Get to the top of the search engines faster by giving Google the info they need!

Add-on Our Customer Reviews Integration – Customer reviews are incredibly important for building “social proof” with your audience. Using a trusted 3rd party to collect and display your reviews shows your prospects you are great to work with and hastens their time to convert into a paying customer. 

Add-on Social Marketing – We can help you update your social media presence to match your new, gorgeous site, give you a Social Media Blueprint to help you create a great ongoing presence on your own, or we can manage it all for you.

We absolutely love websites.

Writing, designing, and optimizing is our forte.

Making websites fast, functional, and affordable is our specialty. But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say! 

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