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What is the best platform to build a website on?

Wix is one of the best platforms for small business websites. Wix offers the ideal combination of functionality and creative element integration. 

How much does GROW charge to create a Wix Website?

The design and development of a Wix site depends on many different factors. Schedule a consultation to learn more about cost estimates and turnaround time.

Can I manage my own Wix website?

While clients can manage their own site,  GROW does not recommend this. Updating sites incorrectly negatively impacts performance, decreasing the site rank or search engines. 

Is Wix a safe website?

Developing websites on the Wix platform is incredibly safe. GROW ensures that all website privacy statements and accessibility elements are integrated on the site. 

Experts at Improving Wix Mobile Sites

GROW guides website design from ideation to implementation, and every website we design includes a mobile-optimized version of the desktop site. Clients also consult our leadership for strategies to improvise existing Wix mobile sites.


The evolutionary nature of website development and design requires sites to adapt to new user demands and preferences and stay relevant amid the ever-changing algorithms of search engines.GROW moves at the speed of technology, transforming site design and development and improving online performance and rankings for every client we serve.

GROW Marketing Agency - Wix mobile sites expert designers - St. Louis, MO
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The GROW team includes two dedicated Wix designers, each offering their artistic strengths and unique approach to site design. Meet Rodrigo and Christian.

The GROW Wix Website Designer Team

Rodrigo Velasco - Wix Expert designer at GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, MO

Rodrigo Velasco

Lead Web & Graphic Designer

With over 15 years of experience in the world of graphic design and visual communication, Rodrigo has developed a sharp eye with great attention to detail. Working on areas such as branding, social media marketing, and web presence mainly. He started designing with the Wix website builder back in 2016, participating in countless web projects for a broad variety of companies and industries, always adding a personalized touch to each website for optimal impact and results.

Christian Hillman - Wix Expert designer at GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, MO

Christian Hillman

Web & Graphic Designer

Having dedicated more than 6 years to graphic and web design, Christian utilizes his skills to create personalized and visually engaging user experiences across Wix and other web platforms for various industries. From branding initiatives to social media marketing campaigns, he meticulously tailors his work to craft compelling web presences that resonate with clients and visitors alike. Christian stays updated with the latest design trends and technologies to ensure his projects remain innovative and impactful, consistently delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations.

Mic Schut.jpg

Mic Schut

Web Project Specialist

Mic serves as the central point of contact for website builds, meticulously managing web performance, health checks, and user experience, while optimizing customer journeys. With over a decade of expertise in crafting Wix websites, he's dedicated to enhancing websites, making them faster and better for clients and visitors alike. With meticulous attention to detail and a drive for excellence, Mic ensures the success of web projects from concept to completion.

Matt Steinruk - Wix Expert designer at GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, MO

Matt Steinruck

Web & Graphic Designer

Matt is a brand-focused creative professional with a breadth of experience in all scales of business and non-profits since 1994. He's worked with the Wix website environment since its launch in 2006, developing sites for a variety of clients. He enjoys helping organizations clarify their brand message and bring that story to life on a great website.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)
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Website desiged on Wix by GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, MO

GROW’s WIX Website Experts Design Sites Powered for Performance, UX, and Rankings

Wix is one of the most popular website platforms for GROWing the online presence of your business. A user-friendly interface with sophisticated and highly-clickable design elements creates websites that heighten the UX, soar to the top of SERPs, and maximize speed and performance.

GROW Marketing Agency holds multiple Wix credentials for its extensive website development and design experience utilizing the platform. Wix distinguished GROW as a Wix Official Expert, and the agency holds Legend status as a Wix Partner, the top level for the partnership program.

GROW Marketing Agency: Your Wix Experts

GROW Marketing Agency earned the highest level of professional accolades from Wix, holding the distinction of Wix Official Expert. Our Wix designers and developers offer years of experience in creating high-performing, optimized websites that integrate masterful use of interactive and eye-catching visual elements, photography, and artistic muse.

Official WIX Expert Badge

Wix site development begins with creating a comprehensive sitemap, which outlines the site's navigational structure, page layout, and SEO tactical approach. Every Wix website developed by GROW utilizes a structural flow that maximizes UX, functionality, and performance.


Website developers combine design fluidity and creativity with cohesive navigational elements, creating a dynamic, user-friendly experience to encourage site exploration, on-page interactions, and actionable results.

A client's website design must package form and function to deliver aesthetic appeal that captures and captivates visitors while incorporating an interface that simplifies page navigation and streamlines site structure.


Unnecessary elements deter performance, lagging the site speed and negatively impacting search engine rankings. GROW's Wix website designers collaborate with each client, customizing an approach to the site design that consistently complements the brand, aids the user journey, and maximizes speed and performance.

Wix Website Design

Wix Website Developer

Wix Website Redesign

Websites that fall in rankings and appear beyond the first page of a SERP no longer remain highly visible to customers. A slow-loading site that integrates negligent, outdated SEO decreases its overall online impact, minimizing site traffic, inhibiting CTA results, and drastically plummeting digital ROI.

Outdated websites that are noticeably past their prime are candidates for an overhaul. Website redesigns transform an SEO-sagging, slow, out-of-style site into a relevant, top-ranking, high-performance online hub for user engagement that transforms the digital experience.

Redesigns do not always translate to a drastic site overhaul. GROW's team explains site redesign options to every client, guiding them to a solution that delivers maximum results. New on-page copy, updated photography, or enhanced interactive elements update an outdated site and boost performance, clickability, and rankings.

Wix website designed by GROW Marketing Agency - Wix Experts - St. Louis, MO

How to Improve the Speed of a Wix Site

Sites that load slowly receive lower rankings on search engines, and a slow site speed or performance also lowers the website's Score, a crucial determinant for winning Pay-Per-Click (PPC) auctions. Google punishes sites with poor speed, negatively impacting the user experience.


Numerous factors impact site speed. Large graphic elements, too much video content, and excessive plug-ins slow down a site. GROW's Wix developers and designers consult with every client to customize a solution for revamping the site and improving speed and functionality.

Wix SEO: Drive Rankings and Boost Visibility

Wix SEO performance relies on implementing an SEO strategy to increase visibility through high-ranking performance relevant to a client's core industry, specializations, and expertise. Developing a strategy that maximizes SEO requires the expertise of professionals who understand the intricacies of keyword relevancy and SEO best practices.


Online success requires visibility. Google holds the majority stake in search engine traffic; placement and rankings on Google's search pages boost visibility or bury it. SEO relies on concise and organic keyword placement within site content and the site's back-end tags (also called meta details). Keyword placement must focus on strategic usage; too many keywords on a page are penalized for "keyword stuffing." Too few keywords lead to underperforming content.

GROW's SEO and copy team knows the SEO strategies and keyword placement guidelines to amplify the site to the top of the SERPs.

A Wix SEO Specialist

GROW's SEO knowledge and fluency evolve as algorithms change. The team at GROW commits to continuing education on SEO best practices and procedures. GROW SEO strategists constantly remain aware of any new penalties imposed by Google that impact a site's search engine performance and rankings, and the team abides by crucial data and content strategies necessary for delivering top-ranking site structure.

GROW's Wix SEO Expert

GROW Marketing Agency includes a dedicated SEO expert who performs all SEO research for new and existing clients, conducts regular SEO wellness checks, and updates outdated keywords to maximize every client's online visibility.

Sarah Solomon - SEO Content Specialist at GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, MO

Sarah Solomon

SEO Content Specialist

Sarah has been making crucial keywords count for several years. When it comes to Wix, she has targeted expertise in how to layer search terms across websites strategically to help position websites for success. No website’s keywords are exactly the same, so Sarah loves to ensure that every client has the perfect blend of search terms that suits their business and sets them apart from the competition on search engine result pages!

Wix SEO Optimizations

When a site is falling in the rankings on search engines, GROW consults with clients to improve site optimization. SEO constantly evolves, and SEO strategies change as user search habits change.


Stay relevant online and trust GROW to conduct SEO research that delivers the latest intel on industry-specific high-volume keywords, user search habits, and your top competitors' SEO habits and strategies. GROW offers three tiers of SEO analyses to meet each client's needs and budget. Find the SEO research plan that aligns with your goals, maximizes the user experience, and adapts to ever-evolving digital demands.

SEO Plan
What It Offers

Our Silver plan is also known as our SEO Light. This plan includes industry-relevant keyword research that GROW uses to optimize your site or landing page. The Silver plan also shows clients how they rank compared to key competitors.


This is GROW’S most affordable SEO plan!

The Platinum SEO plan is our most in-depth report. This plan also is called a Competitive GROWth Analysis. SEO Platinum plans include all the data in the SEO Gold report. The Platinum plan also  highlights in-depth data about  current Pay-Per-Click keyword data and provides an in-depth look at PPC keywords and strategies of competitors. This SEO plan is only recommended for clients who plan to invest in PPC advertising campaigns.


GROW’s SEO Gold plan is our most popular. Our SEO expert researches how your site ranks in relation to the competition. GROW showcases the top-ranking keywords and your high-volume keywords on your current site. Our SEO expert also highlights  the top-ranking and high-volume keywords of a key competitor.


Gold reports detail important keywords and include snapshots of the most important keywords, showing you the keyword volume and their difficulty score. This data helps GROW implement the best SEO strategy possible for your site.

SEO Gold reports also highlight data from Google Trends; we show you how certain keywords perform with users across the country. Our report details and explains our keyword recommendations and helps you understand how we plan to maximize visibility and help your site rank at the top of the SERPs. All SEO Gold plans include a brief phone call to review the most important SEO data from the report.

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