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Dynamic Speaker & Sales Building Enthusiast

Passionate about Growth and Local Businesses

Katheryn Hunt - CEO of GROW Marketing Agency - St. Louis, Missouri

Katheryn Hunt, CEO

People matter. Kids that are affected by the growth of a family business matter to me. Authentic, connections matter. I love helping companies grow their sales because I love the people that are behind the businesses and the ripple effect it causes when success happens. I will not stop until success happens. 


I don’t settle for mediocre results and will never shy away from rolling up my sleeves to help my customers overcome obstacles that hinder sales growth. This applies to if I am teaching or if I am working directly with a client on their growth strategies. 


As business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives on the front lines, we are shaping the world in which we live in and for our families. It would be an honor for me to partner with you to make more connections, interact more with your customers, and to sell more so the passion you have can be greatly realized. I never take your trust lightly. You can be confident that by partnering with GROW, your business will see outcomes.

Happy selling,


There are a lot of speakers and trainers that teach based upon what they did ten years ago or what the "books" tell them to say. That's not me. I teach based on the successes I am currently doing for my clients. These are called best practices.  There are a lot of Marketing Agencies that focus so much on the latest trends that they forget there are real people attached to this latest metric. That's not how I like to operate my business. 

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