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How to Write Content that Inspires Sales

The Secret

The secret to writing content that inspires sales isn’t quite as much about a single piece of content as it is about a “spiderweb” of content. One informative piece leading to another. Creating a “journey” for your reader. That is what will inspire sales. When your buyer gets to know you and realizes you are an expert with a great product – and their go-to knowledge source on a subject you will get the business.

This doesn’t mean you should write about anything and everything. Pick topics that lead readers to your business.

Finding Topics

It’s important to look for topics that interest your key audience of buyers – not just topics that serve your business. However, keep in mind your article needs to create that journey to purchase. As an example, if you own a business that helps seniors move, your articles do not all have to be about moving seniors. They can be about anything your buyers may be interested in – as long as that topic relates to “moving” or “seniors.” How to find the best nursing home. How to plan an estate sale. Tips for organizing and decluttering. Local resources for seniors. Make sense?

Mastering Blog Writing

How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how

well, we are understood.


Great content offers the reader a sense of how to apply the information they received.

Give the reader the tools to understand how to use the material. Provide direction in the way of tips, tricks, and strategies on how to apply what you are teaching. If you can master the art of a well-written blog entry, this can spark the reader’s interest and inspire them to learn more from you.

Write your blog as an answer to what someone might search on Google. “How do I write blog content that will create sales?” “How do I…” “Where can I find…” “What is the best…”

No one likes a boring sandwich, movie, book, or event. In the same way, no one wants to read a boring post about any topic. Add some personality! Create a title that inspires clicks and write to answer the question.

Overcoming the Blank Page

It can be difficult to start writing – especially if you’ve never done it before.

Start simple with a title. Remember, create your subject like you’re answering a question someone might ask a search engine.

Once you have your title, create an outline of

3-5 points you want to make.

Write a couple of sentences about each point.

Review and edit what you have written to create a flow between the outline points.

Voila! You have your first blog article.

Not an SEO Expert? You Can Still Optimize Your Blog to Get Found.

Pillar Content

What is pillar content, you may ask? It is the content that starts your reader on a journey throughout the spiderweb of articles you have created.

A specific article may link to other articles, detailed lists of reports, statistics, guides, eBooks, and tutorials. Context rich articles promote traffic flow to multiple areas of your website, social media, and related pages. Getting your message across laterally is beneficial in layering your content and creating the journey for your reader. It’s the way to get the most from your marketing. It also helps your SEO when you link a keyword to another content-rich page.

Give the reader options to spend more time on your site. Make it engaging, entertaining, energetic, lively, current, and fun! Show personality, spunk, and pizazz. This way, you will be attracting customers that feel engaged and connected to your team.

Go Social

Promote your new content on the social media platform of choice for your audience. If your audience is senior citizens and their adult children, where can you find them? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit?

By staying active on social media, you gain leverage over the competition. Each channel has a niche, independent design geared toward a particular demographic. Getting familiar with these apps can take your marketing to the next level.

If you’re not familiar with social media platforms, watch a tutorial, read an article, or ask some experts in the field to help handle this critical area of marketing. Social media can attract diverse, loyal, and connected customers.

A great way to build pillar content is to add social media communications, animated graphics, plus keyword-rich text. Pillar content attracts key influencers and a broader audience, ultimately reaching the decision-makers.

Need more Tips and Tricks to add to your social media posts or increase engagement on your blog site? Ask the experts at GROW marketing agency. This team of experts can lead you down the path to grow your virtual footprint, increase your sales, reduce profit loss, improve your website visits, and create steady traffic—ultimately resulting in gains for your company’s yearly revenue, traffic, and influence.


About the author:

Rebecca Fields is a creative digital marketing ringleader who spends her days helping small and medium-size businesses understand and harness the art and the science of digital marketing. Her passion lies in finding what creates the “I gotta have that!” moment in a buyer’s mind, and developing spellbinding lead magnets to spark the magic.

Rebecca Fields, Marketing Director


GROW is a St. Louis-based Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in Website, Digital Marketing, & Business growth solutions. We help companies increase their revenue by creating the pathways that lead customers to the heart of their business. Individually tailored and guaranteed to deliver results, our growth strategies save clients time and money while increasing their market share.

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