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SEAL Training For Business

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Navy SEALs are among the very elite of our military.

A story has been told of a friendly wager between one of the SEAL teams and another team of servicemen. The SEAL team was tasked with taking a beach protected by these men. The day was set, and the servicemen strategically placed themselves on the beach, preparing for the ensuing attack. Hours later and very curious when the war games would begin, they finally saw several of the SEAL men casually walking up out of the water. The servicemen quickly moved in on the SEAL team. With weapons aimed at them, the SEAL team began to laugh. Curious as to what was happening, the team leader politely asked the servicemen to check their weapons. Each one of the servicemen had a pink bow tied around their weapon.

Is your team trained to attack with such precision that the competition never sees you coming?

This type of soldier is not born, they are trained! What type of training is your business receiving? Is it catered and personalized to your team to achieve precision based attacks, or generic "one size fits all" training?

Near the end of SEAL training, commonly known as Hell Week, the soldiers are tested to the very limits of their capabilities. During this week, they are constantly in motion, cold, wet, and deprived of sleep. These tests are not completed to show superiority. Instead, it is to prepare these soldiers for the grueling tasks they face during combat situations.

There is no on-the-job training in special operations. Are your people being prepared for the desired task or are you throwing them out there to sink or swim?

These SEAL teams are also learning to rely on each other as a team. They work to motivate each other, to push forward, to stay awake, and to stay alive during combat.

In business, we need to rely on our team and we need to be confident our teammates can perform. We must trust each individual is doing and completing the tasks set forth. Your brothers and sisters in arms are the ones who bring you home. Make sure the person covering your back has been trained!

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Happy Selling,

Katheryn Hunt

About the Author:

Katheryn Hunt - CEO of GROW - St. Louis Marketing Agency
Katheryn Hunt, CEO GROW

Katheryn Hunt is a sales-‘growing’ enthusiast. As the CEO of GROW, she partners with small to medium businesses in the United States to develop and deploy sales and marketing strategies that generate revenue. Katheryn has a diverse business-building background; and has surrounded herself with an elite marketing team who specialize in “Growing” business start-ups, healthcare and long-term care companies, capital equipment manufacturers, retailers, and service-based industries; through value-based selling and compelling marketing stories.


GROW is a St. Louis-based Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in Website, Digital Marketing, & Business growth solutions. We help companies increase their revenue by creating the pathways that lead customers to the heart of their business. Individually tailored and guaranteed to deliver results, our growth strategies save clients time and money while increasing their market share.


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