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Our Social GROWth Blueprint maps out an effective way to maintain your brand’s content for all future social media and marketing efforts. By zeroing in on your ideal client(s), our expert team develops content ideas to target new customers and highlight your business in fresh and new ways. We help you connect with your customers adding value and personality to your social media presence. 
This tool aids in developing a solid, targeted marketing strategy for your social media outreach.
The Social GROWth Blueprint includes:

  • A single organization system designed to optimize and manage social media posting and content marketing
  • Identification of your brand’s Content Pillars which become the guidepost for an effective social posting strategy
  • Content research
  • Pages of brand-specific content suggestions and ideas
  • Hashtag strategy identified
  • Idea tool broken down by most influential posting categories
  • Detailed posting schedule optimized for the next calendar month
  • Social media scheduling calendar broken out by month.
  • Detailed annual posting calendar.


Social GROWth Blueprint

  • The Social GROWth Blueprint includes a 30-min Discovery session to allow us to get to know your business and ask questions.

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