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An upgraded SEO & PPC Analysis for truly maximed digital outreach.


GROW's SEO Platinum Competitive GROWth Analysis includes everything in the SEO Gold, with an upgrade to include detailed analysis of your and or your competitors' Pay Per Click advertising. Designed for those that desire maximum digital outreach to support paid advertising campaigns. 

This is a prerequisite for any effective paid ads initiative, Google ads, or those serious about dominating their industry and website positioning in the search engines. When you want to know where you stand compared to your competition and how to achieve greater market share through online advertising, this should be a priority. 

Our Competitive GROWth Analysis gives you a paradigm-shifting look at your competition and how your customers find information. It provides you with the data and information to leverage your company's current strengths, your industry's opportunities, and your competition's weaknesses to WIN business.

We thoroughly analyze your primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary competition and show you your exact position in comparison. We then evaluate your current keywords, your competitor's keywords, any keywords being used for ads by your competition, and find the terms with the highest volume and lowest competitive difficulty ranking – giving you the ability to grab your audience's attention right from under the nose of your competition.

This eye-opening analysis gives you actionable information the second you see it.

SEO Platinum - Competitive GROWth Analysis

  • You receive a pdf document with the research and details. It is presented on a on hour ZOOM call where you can see the results and ask any follow-up questions.

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