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Image by Richard Horvath

Addison Beussink

Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator for GROW, I'm a playmaker in the world of marketing, crafting strategies that score big. My mission? To ensure your GROW experience is as smooth as a perfect jump shot and as exciting as a game-winning three-pointer. 

What truly ignites my passion for marketing? It's the excitement of building connections with people and crafting winning strategies. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Advertising Communications from Webster University, I've got a playbook full of marketing strategies. Oh, and speaking of plays, you might be surprised to know I used to shoot hoops back in my college days at Webster.

Outside the court and marketing, I'm all about family time and cheering for my favorite sports teams on TV. 

Fun fact:

I stand tall at 6'0", which not only helped on the court but also helps me in reaching new heights in marketing.

The secret to my marketing energy:

Iced coffee, especially from Starbucks, is my fuel for crafting slam-dunk campaigns. 

Addison Beussink


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