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Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Discover sustainable, digital marketing strategies for your small business.

Finding new customers is vital to the growth and success of any small business. Developing a digital marketing strategy effectively exposes your business to new customers and keeps existing customers.

Our specialty at GROW Marketing Agency is helping business owners grow their companies. Get ready to learn some impactful digital marketing strategies for growth!

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Challenges of Marketing Small Businesses

Limited budgets and lack of resources can hold small business owners back from trying digital strategies. It is tempting to stick with offline local advertising strategies if you’re a local business owner. It’s time to say goodbye to old marketing efforts, and say hello to boosting your business online - more engagement, reach, and return on your investment! Online marketing boosts your company’s values and branding further in today's competitive market for less money than traditional marketing efforts.

In today’s hyper-digital world, there are marketing strategies you can do without breaking the bank.

Share Your Brand Story With Content Marketing

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Content is one of the best digital strategies for small businesses. In 2022, customers care more about a brand story and experience rather than hearing about how great your product is. You can use your brand story to show customers how great your products or services are. That helps consumers build trust in your brand, and will encourage more people to buy from you.

Create blogs, videos, and Tik Toks that demonstrate how your service is instrumental in helping your customers reach a specific goal.

Optimize Content For Keywords

Always write with keywords in mind when creating PPC ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, blogs, or website content. Search engine optimization is your ticket to having your business seen. SEO is a powerful tool that can be done on a limited budget.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC advertising is a great way to get your products and services in front of your target audience. PPC ads tailor to target certain demographics, interests, or geographic locations. Unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when your ad is clicked. PPC advertising includes banner ads, pop-up ads, social media advertising, and advertising during videos.

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Many businesses like PPC advertising because of how affordable it is. The cost of PPC marketing fluctuates. You pay more to use high-ranking keywords, while other low-ranking keywords will cost less. The price varies depending on how long you’ll run ads. When selecting keywords, keep in mind that you’ll want to build a strategy that targets a valuable audience and avoids using too many high-cost or low-return keywords.

Local Search Marketing

Similar to SEO, local search marketing is a more holistic approach to marketing for local businesses. Local search marketing is all about putting your small business on the map in local search. Optimize your web content, Google Business Profile, and email marketing for local search terms. Localized keywords make it easier for your customers in your area to find your business.

Optimize Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a must. Stop everything you are doing, and go optimize your GBP! GBP is your ticket to having new customers find you and a way for existing customers to access your business's general information easily. Unlike Google Ads, creating a Google Business Profile and business listing is FREE. To have your business show up in localized searches, optimize your business profile; Google makes the process easy-peasy. Here at GROW Marketing Agency, our digital marketing experts work with businesses (from all industries) to set up, optimize, and manage their business listings.

To boost a Google Business Profile, these are the areas to want to optimize:

  • Add Essential Information: phone number, address, business hours, website URL

  • Display Popular Services

  • List Products

  • Accept Food Orders

  • Share Photos

  • Create Posts

  • Show and Respond To Google Reviews

Social Media Marketing

Another marketing avenue that will help attract new customers and keep current customers engaged is social media. Plenty of businesses create social media accounts but don’t maintain them. In 2022, that’s how you can stay connected with your target audience. Maintaining a social media presence is imperative to the success of your digital strategy.

Plus, it is an outlet for businesses to show off what makes them unique.

Some easy ways to make social media posts more engaging are:

  • Live video streams

  • Gifs

  • Relevant memes

  • Call to action

  • Contests

What your business offers is special. By showcasing your brand’s edge to the world, customers are more likely to interact with you.

Selecting The Digital Marketing Strategies That Work Best For Your Business

Your small business is unique, so make your digital marketing strategy unique! Find what works for your business, and stick with it! Depending on your business, some of these strategies will be more effective and important. If you need a starting place, GROW Marketing Agency has a great team of digital-marketing gurus waiting to help you create a digital marketing plan to grow your business!


About the Author:

Katheryn Hunt - CEO of GROW - St. Louis Marketing Agency
Katheryn Hunt, CEO GROW

Katheryn Hunt is a sales-‘growing’ enthusiast. As the CEO of GROW, she partners with small to medium businesses in the United States to develop and deploy sales and marketing strategies that generate revenue. Katheryn has a diverse business-building background; and has surrounded herself with an elite marketing team who specializes in “Growing” business start-ups, healthcare and long-term care companies, capital equipment manufacturers, retailers, and service-based industries; through value-based selling and compelling marketing stories.


GROW Marketing Agency is a St. Louis-based Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in Website, Digital Marketing, & Business growth solutions. We help companies increase their revenue by creating the pathways that lead customers to the heart of their business. Individually tailored and guaranteed to deliver results, our growth strategies save clients time and money while increasing their market share.

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