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Social Media Trends: Why Your Post Needs a Slice of Cheese

Social media platforms bring out the best and worst in some users. Thanks to platforms like

Facebook, TikTok, X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, and YouTube, the

average individual can enjoy five minutes of fame with the right post. Everyone wants to know

how to go viral, and while there is no simple equation, a little cheese oozes impact.

More Cheese, Please!

While cringey posts are never the goal, they should sometimes be the goal. Cheesy posts are

fun, funny, and spontaneously authentic. Ready to add a little sharp cheddar to your TikTok?

Here are five social media trends, videos, and posts that captivated the public to viral extremes:

TikTok Dance Challenge

Cheese Variety: Cheddar (Sharp or mild, poor melting quality, but it somehow always


Charli D’Amelio was such a Renegade when she introduced the popular dance challenge to

TikTokers. While D’Amelio didn’t invent the dance she made famous (or infamous), the video

propelled her to stardom, and dance challenges remain a popular TikTok staple. Go on, get

your dance on!

Random Teen Videos that Catapult Companies

Cheese Variety: American (the processed cheese that isn’t really cheese, but it’s unbeatable for melting ability)

In 2016, Daniel Lara and his friend Josh Holz posted a video to Snapchat that went unexpectedly viral across multiple platforms. The context was simply Lara at school wearing

white Vans, but Holz’s narration somehow made the video irresistible: “Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans.” Was it slightly cheesy?

Yes. And it worked!

Millions of views accrued, and sales for white Vans catapulted.

The video was a random viral sensation that served as free marketing for the shoe company known for its classic checkered slip-on that became a pop culture icon, thanks to the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Which company will be the next viral star thanks to a teen video? Hopefully, yours!

Unboxing Videos

Cheese Variety: Gouda (Looks basic, but it hits you with a smoky zing)

Unboxing videos are posted everywhere on social media. These videos are fun and captivating

because viewers do not know if the products or items inside the box will live up to the hype.

Companies can dovetail this trend by creating ‘unveiling’ videos that introduce new products to

the public. PR boxes for influencers also fall into this category; consider offering a PR box to

influencers. While ‘partnering’ could seem like the best way to get more positive reviews, non-

promotional unboxing videos lean the most authentic.

Reaction Videos

Cheese Variety: Swiss (mild, poor melting ability, lots of holes)

The premise of the reaction video is to watch someone react to a song or video that’s new to

them. When these videos started to gain popularity, they were novel and fun. Yet, the

believability of some videos is questionable and full of holes. If you *really* want to jump on this

trend, be authentic. Queue up tunes that are truly a bit out of left field for most viewers/listeners

and to you. Need a few suggestions? Post a reaction video to “Karmic Dream Sequence #1” by

the Millennium, “Everytime You Go Away” by Hall & Oates (their version, because they wrote

the song), or “I am a Cat” by Shonen Knife. Thank us later.

Prank Videos

Cheese Variety: Jalapeno Jack (spicy and it can go very, very wrong)

The prank video can be fun. Surprise someone, post a video, go viral. While these posts are

popular and generate likes and interest, they are not always well received. Have fun with

pranks, but businesses have to be careful in what they choose to post. Don’t prank in poor taste

or do anything dangerous.

No Cheese!

Cheesy posts do not blend well with every company’s culture or tastes. Before posting,

remember that authenticity sells. No one wants to watch a staged prank or reaction video. Use

common sense and best marketing practices and always remember social media ToS. Have

fun, keep it clean, and don’t do anything dangerous. When in doubt, just skip the cheese!


Image by Jr Korpa

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