Military Strategy That Overcome Sales Slumps

Updated: Jun 3

Today’s post introduces the three R’s inherent in military strategy: Remind, Review, and Respond and highlights their importance in overcoming sales slumps.

Before a soldier is dropped off in the middle of unfamiliar territory, he must stop and determine what's around him. Soldiers rely on a process that Reminds, Reviews, and Responds to situational awareness. Their lives depend on it. Imagine, for a moment, the dangers of a warrior who ignores these three things. If he does not take time to remember his purpose, he may become disillusioned and disengaged. If he does not review and adapt his battle plan to the environment, he may give his enemy the edge. If he does not respond quickly and powerfully, he may lose ground control and the door to victory is narrowed.

Sales executives and business leaders should follow the same model - Remind, Review, & Respond. The three R’s are applicable in launching a new business - but are also an important strategy in overcoming sales slumps and the complacency that is most often associated with such downturns.

Remind: Remind yourself of the objective. Remembering your objective improves focus and ensures that resources and energies are strategically allocated to sales advancement. Future outcomes hinge on clear objectives. Ongoing sales growth demands that you fully understand your purpose.

Review: Review your surroundings and analyze your resources.

Where is your business? What resources do you have at your disposal? Does your competition pose a new threat? Consider using a tool such as a SWOT Analysis. Give this serious thought. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities await you? What threats stand to compromise your goal?

Pull yourself away from the small day-to-day tasks that distract you from deep thought. Get away from the phone. Leave the office or shut the door if you can’t get away. Don't just look at what's done on a day-to-day basis or week-to-week basis, but rather take a 30,000' look at what's going on around you.

Respond: Establish a plan and execute. Take Action. Every factor behind a sales slump has an appropriate counter response.

It’s often said growth comes when you are uncomfortable. Find out what is normal and comfortable, and then push beyond that. Add another meeting on your trip or start work thirty minutes early each day – doing so will add an extra ten hours of productive time to your work month.

Downturns can happen to everyone. It can be said in sales you are either pushing forward or falling back. Forward movement requires a proactive approach. Successful strategies integrate 3 actions: Remind, Review, and Respond.

Happy Selling,

Katheryn Hunt

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