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There is no denying that words have power and effective verbal communication is critical to closing deals. Sellers with engaging introductions and product descriptions gain a persuasive edge with buyers. Today’s post focuses on ways to sharpen your oral dialogue and distinguish yourself with your customers. The content comes from Cornerstone Solutions, Lunch and Learn Presentation titled, “The Power Of Words.”

Seller/buyer relationships begin with your introduction. One-liners and Elevator Speeches are two introductory techniques commonly used. Generally speaking, One-Liner’s “attract” and 30-Second Elevator Speeches “engage.” One precedes the other. Both help generate conversation and are best received when spoken naturally. Aim to be deliberate with your word choice, but avoid sounding scripted.

Whether you are using a One-Liner or a 30-Second Elevator Speech, your introduction should be quick, precise, and creative. In either, say who you are and what you do. Your goal is to help your listener understand why you are the solution to their need. Saying what you do should take precedent over whom you work for. Telling about your company will happen later after a conversation is started.

Your One-Liners and 30-Second Elevator Speeches will be much stronger when you follow these tips:

  • Make them personal.

  • Use word pictures.

  • Use words that invoke emotions.

  • Create an experience with your words.

One-Liners and 30-Second Elevator Speeches routinely contain product and service descriptions. Sellers who are intentional with their word choice often yield greater receptivity from their prospects. There are two ways to gain your buyers favor when describing your product or service:

  1. Use word pictures.

  2. Use Sales Strong words.

A word picture is a group of adjectives that create a vivid description of your product or service. Emphasis should be placed on words that impact the five senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, and Smell. The greater your ability to create a word picture when you are communicating to your customer, the greater understanding your customer will have. The more your customer understands what you can offer them, the quicker you're able to move your customer through the sales cycle.

Sales Strong words are words that customers respond to in a favorable manner. Ideally, they are words that trigger a positive emotional response and generate action. Every industry has its own list of sales strong words. It is important for you to identify yours.

Word mastery is an art and it is critical to achieving success in fiercely competitive business arenas. Today we focused on words and the ways they can be used to make compelling introductions and product/service descriptions. The components, however, can be used at any time in the sales cycle.

Happy Selling!

Katheryn Hunt

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