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Camera Lens
Aerial Playground
Aerial Photo of a Marina

When you want unique shots of a property, building, or event, you need aerial footage. Lucky for you, GROW has a drone pilot, and we are one of the few digital marketing agencies in the St. Louis area that has a faa drone license for commercial use!

Whether you need drone photography and videography services for real estate, weddings, events, or corporate photography, GROW Marketing Agency has got you covered!

Our drone services take your digital marketing to new heights, where traditional photography and video can’t go

Our Drone Services

Drone services by GROW Marketing Agency in St. Louis, Missouri

Take Your Business Further With Aerial Photography

Drones go where humans and cars can’t! Which makes drones great for getting unique photos and video footage. As drone usage becomes more popular, more and more businesses find a benefit to using drones for aerial imagery.

Benefits of using drones in your digital marketing:

  • Improve a website’s performance by updating it with high-definition drone footage. 

  • GROW provides faa licensed drone usage, allowing clients to show off their entire property.

  • Aerial footage makes for great social media content! 

  • Incorporate drone footage into digital ads, like Google ads and Facebook ads. 

  • Drone video footage is great for commercials.

Our Drone Services Benefits A Variety Of Industries.

Drone footage provides a birds-eye view of the scenery that is not visible from the ground. Many businesses and industries are turning to drones to capture footage that shows off more angels of their business that traditional photography and video can’t capture.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Drones make it possible to capture high-definition footage while showing off the property in one shot. Aerial shots benefit real estate listings in numerous ways; they capture all angles of the home, its layout, features, the land it sits on, as well as aerial footage of the neighborhood.

Real Estate


Show off campgrounds, resorts, hiking trails, and parks easily with drone footage! Incorporating drone footage into your web pages allows customers to see the amenities you offer in ways traditional photos just can’t.


Aerial View of Distribution Center

If you have a manufacturing business and need footage of your commercial space, a drone makes it possible to provide viewpoints of the property that are near impossible to provide without drone footage.


Drone services by GROW Marketing Agency in St. Louis, Missouri
Hot Air Balloons

Boost your website’s curb appeal with aerial footage of your event and venue spaces. Spotlight your event space’s amenities with our drone services. GROW’s licensed drone pilot captures high-definition aerial photos and videos that’ll entice customers to book their next event at your space.

Events & Entertainment

Construction Site

There’s no better way to show a new property development than aerial videography and photography. Our talented GROW drone pilots capture footage to track the progress of a project, then use that footage to create engaging time-lapsed videos, which can be used for social media and to keep investors informed on a project's progress.



Contact us today to learn more about our aerial photography and other drone services.

Not only does GROW capture stunning photographs at ground level, but we also capture breathtaking footage from the sky.

GROW is your one-stop shop for photography needs

Cinthya Navarro, Professional Photographer at GROW Marketing Agency in St. Louis, Missouri

We specialize in many areas of photography, whether you need drone photography, lifestyle photography, executive headshots, or photos for social media. 

Our state-of-the-art photography services will make your brand come alive through captivating imagery that tells a story and shows customers who you are.

GROW takes great pleasure in capturing drone photography and videos that help to further tell a brand’s story with unique shots and a new point of view.

We love helping small businesses GROW – but don’t take our word for it. See what business owners have to say about working with us!

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