Sales Target Identification

As any soldier will tell you, identifying targets and threats is critically important to a mission’s success. The same can be said for a sales team in business. Your targets are your potential customers and your effectiveness to win them over depends on your ability to mark them There are no uniforms in urban warfare, so knowing your target is of paramount importance. Imagine walking through crowded streets while in enemy territory. Can you quickly pick out targets in the chaos of rush hour? People are bumping into you and walking in all directions. Street vendors are vying for your attention, and most may be speaking a language you don't understand. Just picture the last networking function

SEAL Training For Business

Navy SEALs are among the very elite of our military. A story has been told of a friendly wager between one of the SEAL teams and another team of servicemen. The SEAL team was tasked with taking a beach protected by these men. The day was set, and the servicemen strategically placed themselves on the beach, preparing for the ensuing attack. Hours later and very curious when the war games would begin, they finally saw several of the SEAL men casually walking up out of the water. The servicemen quickly moved in on the SEAL team. With weapons aimed at them, the SEAL team began to laugh. Curious as to what was happening, the team leader politely asked the servicemen to check their weapons. Each o

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